About us - het ontstaan van de naam Størvatt


In 1997 Størvatt started to introduce wooden hot tubs of Western Red Cedar from Canada to the Netherlands and the rest of Western Europe. First just in the Netherlands but soon Størvatt opened a distribution point in France. Since 1999 the wooden hottubs of Størvatt are produced in the factory of Størvatt in Moergestel, the Netherlands. Due to this long experience producing wooden hottubs, Størvatt in the Netherlands in well known for quality and reliability. In 2012 Størvatt in France became an independent company but Størvatt France also profits from the development started in Moergestel, Netherlands.


Expanding the range of products

Størvatt started with the production of wooden hottubs of Western Red Cedar with an inner woodstove. During the years Størvatt improved and expanded the assortment and production.

  • In 2008 Størvatt introduced the first wooden hottub with electric heating. Since 2014 this Størvatt hottub with electric heating is controlled, heated and filtered by the same technical installation used in spas from well-known brands like Jacuzzi, Sun Spa. The big difference is the perception and appearance of an authentic wooden hottub versus a “plastic basin”.
  • In 2010 Størvatt released her own pool heater on wood. This stove can also be used for heating a wooden hottub.


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