Aquafinesse® Water Care Box

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Aquafinesse® water care box

Environmentally Friendly

Aquafinesse® is for a better environment. Aquafinesse® is not only easy to use and time-saving but due to it's unique formula it is also anatural and environmental friendly water treatment system. After adding Aquafinesse® to your water, the formula will work instantly.

Maintenance Friendly

You add an amount of Aquafinesse® to the water of your hottub, spa or pool weekly. This amount of Aquafinesse® depends on the volume of your hottub, spa or pool and is explained in the user manual.

It's known that bacteria make a biofilm around themself to protect themself against chlorine and other desinfectants. The Aquafinesse® formula removes the biofilm, so the included chlorine tablet can work optimal.

After you have added the Aquafinesse® formula to the water, circulate the water at least 2 minutes. You start the pump by starting the jets and increasing the temperature. After a couple minutes you add the chlorine tablet in the including floating dispensor.

Benefits from Aquafinesse®

With Aquafinesse® your heatingsystem and pumps will last longer. By adding the Aquafinesse® formula you prevent getting scale in your pumps or heater.

Chlorine and other desinfectans without the use of the Aquafinesse® formula will only be able to kill the bacteria in the outer layer of the biofilm, without penetrating to the core of the bacteria. So because of the Aquafinesse® formula these bacteria are not able to multiply.

Aquafinesse® Water Care Box

The Aquafinesse® Water Care Box includes:

- 2 bottles of Aquafinesse® Formula 2L

- 1 Flexible Measuring cup

- 1 Di-Chloring desinfection tablets

- 1 Floating dispensor

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