Additional information about our Størvatt hottubs with woodstove

Størvatt hottubs

Størvatt started producing wooden hottub in 1997 and is the first producer of wooden hottubs in the Netherlands, maybe even Europe. All wooden hottubs are produced for year by hand in our factory in Moergestel, Netherlands. Because all our hottubs are made by hand, it is possible to adjust a Størvatt especially to your wishes. A Størvatt hottub is made of materials of high standard only, wood is Western Red Cedar and the rest stainless steel or aluminium. If you want more information about a Størvatt hottub, or if you want to see, feel and smell the wood, please visit our factory and showroom in Moergestel of visit one of our resellers.

Different models and sizes

A Størvatt hottub is available in different sizes and heights; standard ø150, ø180 or ø210cm and heights 90 or 120cm. The choice you make depends on the number of people enjoying the hottub together and the desired sitting position. Beside the different sizes you can also choose between different models, Størvatt complete, Størvatt Easy package or Størvatt with PoolHeater. (for our electric heated system please press here)The difference is not the quality but the different options. To help you select the right hottub to your wishing you can see this video.

Heating a Størvatt hottub

You have the choice to select a stove hanging in the hottub or a stove standing next to the hottub. The choice for an internal or external stove is the space in the hottub.

If you select the stove hanging in the hottub, Størvatt provides a stove of aluminium. The aluminium stove of Størvatt transfers the heat very quickly therefore the water in the hottub can reach the desired temperature of 38-39° within 1½ - 2 hours. A stove of stainless steel hanging in the hottub will need about 4 – 5 hours.

The external stove of Størvatt is made of stainless steel but thank to its capacity of 40kwH, this stove can also reach 38-39° within 1½ - 2 hours.


Storvatt hottub with

integrated stove

Storvatt hottub with


ø150; heights 90 of 120cm 2 - 3 adults 3 - 4 adults
ø180; heights 90 of 120cm 4 - 5 adults 5 - 6 adults
ø210; heights 90 of 120cm 6 - 7 adults 7 - 8 adults

Delivery and assembly of the hottub of Størvatt

When you buy a Størvatt hottub you want to enjoy it as soon as possible. Størvatt offers several options for delivery:

-          Delivery as a kit (DIY)

-          Assembly in the factory

-          Collect or delivery of the hottub assembled in the factory

-          Delivery and assembly on location

A DIY will be delivered with a detailed manual. If you follow the manual stepwise assembly should be no problem. You don’t have to be an experienced handyman to assemble a Størvatt hottub yourself. Some skill is recommended.

If you prefer we can asssemble the hottub for you, preferably in our factory. After assemblement in the factory we can deliver it, you can pick it up at the Størvatt factory or we can send it by conveyor.

If it's not possible to install an assembled hottub in your garden, Størvatt can also assemble the hottub on location.


Størvatt hottubs have a 5 years warranty on the wooden parts and 2 years warranty on all other parts.

Maintenance of the hottub

All Størvatt hottub are produced of a high quality Western Red Cedar. In principle you don’t need to treat the wood. Natural Western Red Cedar gets a nice silver-grey colour during the years.

The only reason to treat the wood is to preserve the original colour of the wood. If you want to treat the hottub, use an ademde en waterdoorlatende stain or oil.

Experiencing a Størvatt hottub

Before you buy a Størvatt hottub of course you can take the time to see a Størvatt hottub for real, for which you can visit our showroom in Moergestel, Netherlands, or one of our resellers.

First test a Størvatt hottub? In the Netherlands and else in Europe there are several sizes Størvatt hottubs at hotels, B&B and public places, where you can test in private or in public the experience of a Størvatt hottub.

On this locations you can try:

  • Hoeve de Posthoorn – Woerden, Netherlands (also a reseller of Størvatt hottubs)
  • Kamer 7 -  Diever, Netherlands 
  • Vakantieboerderij ‘Den Bongerd’ - Asten-Heusden, Netherlands
  • ‘t Olde Hof – Westervelde, Netherlands
  • De Hopbel – Liempde, Netherlands
  • De Zwaluwhoeve – Hierden, Netherlands
  • Almhof Kroeller - Gerlos, Austria


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