How much does it cost to heat the water with wood?

That is not easy to express in money because it depends on quality of wood you use to heat the stove. The more intense your fire, the faster the water will be heated. To heat the water of a Storvatt hottub you need about a wheelbarrow with wood and that is about 0,05m³.

How much wood do I need to heat a Storvatt hottub with woodstove?

To heat the water of a Storvatt hottub you need about a wheelbarrow with wood and that is about 0,05m³.

What quality is the best wood to heat a Storvatt hottub with woodstove?

The best result is softer wood, like birch, pine, etc.

How is an electric hot tub connected to the electricity circuit? Do I have to install the electricity myself?

To begin you have to arrange a waterproof earth wall socket connected to an earth leakage switch for outside use or a waterproof perilex socket, but please note that these sockets must be installed by a qualified electrician only. When the hottub of Storvatt arrives you only have to plug in to the socket and the water will be heated.

How much does it cost to heat the water in the hottub with electricity?

Of course this depend on the weather and location (is the hottub installed in an open field or on a terrace with rood). An electric heated hottub will consume about 5000-7000KwH a year.

Why is there so much price difference in hottubs from different brands?

That is all about quality. A Storvatt hottub is the highest quality wooden hot tub, made of Western Red Cedar, aluminium, stainless steel, all quality products that do not rot or rust. Western Red Cedar will not rot, is very durable but is still very suitable for a hot tub unlike other types of wood.

How must I clean the water of a hottub?

A Storvatt electric heated and a Storvatt easypackage with woodstove are equipped with a filter and UV sanitising lamp. Make sure that the water circulates two times a day (one long session of ± 2 hours and a shorter session of ± ½ hour) and make sure to add chlorine to the water. If you do so, you can use the water up to 3 months. Storvatt advises Aquafinesse; weekly a dosis of liquid of Aquafinesse and a (slow release) chlorine tablet.
If you don’t have a filterinstallation with UV sanitising lamp, you may not use the water longer that 24hours, at least that is the instruction of the Ministerie of Health in Holland.

Must I treat the wood?

No. You don’t have to paint or oil the Western Red Cedar. In the spring you can remove (green) moisture with a soft brush.

To what temperature must I heat the water in the hottub?

That depends. One want the water to become very hot and someone else doesn’t. In general everybody prefers the water to be just above your own body temperature in the winter; one to warm the water to 38° Celsius and the other to 40°Celsius. But to warm yourself the temperature must be above your own body temperature.
In the sommer you can reduce the temperature to cool off, but note that Storvatt advises never to set the temperature below 30° Celsius because you can become hypothermic.

Can I have bubbles in the water?

Of course. In both a Storvatt electric heated as a Storvatt with woodstove can be equipped with massagejets for your back or airbubbles from the bottom.

How long does it take before the water in a Storvatt with woodstove is warm?

When you use the right quality wood and also fill your stove regularly, you can heat the water within 1-1½ hours.

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