Frequently asked questions Størvatt pool heater

Can I use chlorine water in the Størvatt pool heater?

Yes, the Størvatt pool heater is made of Stainless steel 316 and is specially developed for swimming pool water.

Does the Størvatt pool heater need to be connected with a separate pump?

No, it is possible to connect the Størvatt pool heater directly to your pool using the pump and drain of the pool.

How much smoke is there when burning the Størvatt pool heater?

This depends on the quality of your fire. When burning dry wood with sufficient oxygen reaching the fire, there is hardly any smoke. When a fire starts and dies there will always be some smoke.

What is the advantage of using the Størvatt pool heater in a hot tub, compared to a system with a stove in the water?

There are several advantages – the Størvatt pool heater does not use any space in the tub and therefore you have more useable space in the tub. This means either you do need to have such a large tub, or more people can enjoy using the hot tub.
Also you can start burning your fire as soon as the water has reached the Størvatt pool heater- saving you time.
In addition, you can easily use the Størvatt pool heater to heat your swimming pool, so it is multifunctional.

How do you get the most return of energy from the Størvatt pool heater?

The more intense your fire is, the faster the water will be heated. However, the highest return of energy is with a constant fire.
The water flow is also very important. The faster the water flow through the Størvatt pool heater, the more heat will be transferred to the water, instead of to the outside of the Størvatt pool heater. However, if the water flow is too strong, the water may cool the fire. With a flow of 1 litre/second the Størvatt pool heater can heat the water by 6-8ºC.

What is the maximum temperature of the water?

In theory it is possible to boil the water. The Størvatt pool heater heats the water that gets into the Størvatt pool heater, However, in reality it would only be possible to boil water when the water entering the Størvatt pool heater is already at a temperature of 90 ºC.

It is important to always follow the instructions for using the Størvatt pool heater.

Is the Størvatt pool heater more suited for swimming pools of hottubs?

The Størvatt pool heater is designed to be used in both. It is even possible to combine your hot tub with you swimming pool. This enables you to use your swimming pool longer.
Once you have warmed yourself in the hot tub, it is wonderful to cool down in the swimming pool afterwards.

Doesn’t burning wood have a negative influence on the environment?

It is better to burn wood (especially well dried wood) rather than to use resources such as oil or gas. The CO2 that is released when burning a wood fire has a short cycle. Resources such as oil and gas have a long CO2-cylce. When burning well dried wood the smoke is 100% degradable; trees use these fumes to produce Oxygen. This way wood is an environmentally friendly resource.

What is the right temperature for a hottub?

In general an ideal bathing temperature is between 38 and 40ºC. However there are people who prefer a colder or warmer bath. Please be aware that a bath over 40ºC can be dangerous. The human body needs to be able to lose some of its heat. That is why good hot tubs have seats at various levels. If your body gets to warm, dizziness may occur.

My Størvatt pool heater seems to leak?

All Størvatt pool heaters are tested before delivery. What seems like leaking is probably condensation. By intensifying the fire, the condensation will disappear.


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