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Saunabarrel by Størvatt

In Scandinavia, most people have a sauna at their homes, in the middle of nature and on the shore of a lake. After enjoying a nicely hot sauna, they step outside into the fresh air and then cool off in the cold water of a lake. Of course, after taking a steaming sauna you can also cool yourself down using an outside shower or a bucket shower.

Enjoying your sauna visit in a calm way makes you relaxed. Besides, taking a sauna is good for your blood-circulation, it increases your resistance and cleans the body. Having a sauna in your garden makes it even more intense as you can immediately cool off your heated body with the fresh outside air after visiting the sauna.

Why a ‘barrel sauna’?

Due to its round shape, heat is distributed extremely well in a barrel sauna. Hot air rises and due to its round shape there are no corners where heat can be bundled. Instead, the round shape initiates a natural convection.

This fast heat distribution also benefits a (short) heat-up time. A barrel sauna using a
wood-burning stove can be heated up to 80°-90°C roughly within half an hour. If the
wood-burning stove is replaced by an electric stove, heat-up time is half an hour to an hour more.

From an aesthetic point of view, a barrel sauna of Western Red Cedar has a nice and natural look that fits any garden. The Western Red Cedar wood will go grey nicely in time, which makes it blend into the environment.

All barrel saunas are made to order. Consequently, you can choose from various options, such as length, including or excluding a terrace or including or excluding a changing room, and various features, such as including wooden glazing bars, including or excluding a small lean-to, a small shelf to place one’s glasses on, back windows.


- Wood: both the exterior and the interior have been constructed of the highest quality, perfectly sawn and sorted and oven-dried Western Red Cedar.

- Heating: wood-burning or electric stove.

- Door: Western Red Cedar frame with a double glazed unit.

- Options: outside benches, glass in rear wall, a small lean-to, wooden glazing bars

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