Easy Package

The easy package also has, in addition to the complete kit, a filtersystem next to your Størvatt hottub so you can use the water for an extended time. This filtersystem consists of a circulationpump, cartridgefilter and UV-C Spa light. The times that you want the water to be filtered are easy to program with the timer included.


  • Supporting beams,
  • 3 benches on different heights,
  • 3 stainless steel hoops,
  • Fence,
  • Aluminum heater,
  • 2 meter chimney,
  • Chimney hat,
  • Aluminum cover around the stove,
  • 50mm wooden cover hottub ,
  • Step,
  • Sideboard,
  • Drain,
  • Ash scoop,
  • Thermometer,
  • Wooden spoon,
  • Purification system; circulationpump, cartridge filter and UV-C Spalamp in wooden enclousure and of course the included timer.

Delivery as DIY (Do It Yourself)

You can assemble a Størvatt hottub yourself. You get a detailed manual and if you follow the manual stepwise assembly should be no problem. You don’t have to be an experienced handyman to assemble a Størvatt hottub yourself. Some skill is recommended.

Assembly in the factory

If you prefer we can assemble the hottub for you, preferably in our factory. After assemblement in the factory we can deliver it, you can pick it up at the Størvatt factory or we send it by conveyor.

An assembled bath about 90cm high can easily be rolled through most gates into the garden.

Delivery and assembly

If it’s not possible to install an assembled hottub in your garden, Størvatt can also assemble the hottub on location.When you prefer assemble on location, please send us an emai gea@storvatt.com, and we will send you an offer as soon as possible.


Størvatt baths have a 5 year warranty on the wooden parts and a 2 year warranty on all other parts. 

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Størvatt Easy Package Wood-Fired Hottub, various sizes

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