Størvatt Pool Heater

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Heating your (swimming)pool with a woodstove.

A Størvatt pool heater is made to heat a swimming pool fast and efficent with a woodfire. With 40KwH energy a Størvatt Pool heater is an efficient woodstove for hottubs and swimmingpools. Made of stainless steel 316L a Størvatt Poolheater is resistant to chemicals, and even to salt elektrolyse.

Parts of wood up to 60cm can be used in a Storvatt Pool Heater.  .

Material of the Størvatt Pool Heater:

Stainless steel 316L for the parts in contact with the poolwater
Stainless steel 304 for the other parts
diameter 60cm
length stovel 110cm
length chimney 100cm

A Størvatt Pool Heater will be delivered including 1 meter chimney, chimneyhat and pressure valve.

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