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Public pool heater

Saving on energy cost and creating a great vibe while heating your pool: This is possible with the Størvatt Pool heater. 

Heat pool with a wood fire

A pool is great for your guests, but a cold pool scares them. Early and late in the season the modern installations do not bring sufficient energy or run at a high expense. The Størvatt pool heater uses wood as energy source and does depend on sun shine


With an energy output above 40KwH the Størvatt wood fired pool heater, heats many pools. A pool containing 60 m3 of water can be heated with 0.55 degrees C per hour. Made out of stainless steel 316L the pool heater is resistant to salt electrolyses, chlorine and many other chemicals.


Install the wood fired pool heater close to a terrace and the pool and let your guests burn the fire. Looking at a burning fire in a great design stove relaxes your guests and gives a great vibe. 


The top and side of the stove are filled with water; as a result they will become 6-10 degrees warmer than the pool water. Around the chimney we provide a protection pipe, this leaves just the fire as a warm place. Please keep children away from fire places, barbeques and other hot places.

Environmentally friendly pool heater

The great advantage of wood is that it is a natural and inexhaustible energy source. The CO2 released into the atmosphere will be used up quickly by new trees. When using wood from sustainable forests, the effect on the CO2 balance will be little. This is in contradiction to other resources such as gas and oil, which have taken millions of years to turn into the fuel we use today.


Public projects with wod fired pool heaters

Various public pools have installed the Størvatt pool wood fired heater as primary or secondary pool heating system

  • Thermen Holiday could not keep their public spas warm in winter time. The wood fired pool heater was installed in water flow before the spas; heating the spa’s with 4-5 degrees, and also influencing the overall pool temperature. Installation autumn 2010 
  • Camping Chantegrill in France will use the wood fired pool heater to have a warm pool for their guest early and late in the season and to prevent temperature fall during cold days in summer time. Installation spring 2012  
  • Camp site Hetgoeieleven will use the Størvatt pool heater as main heating system, heating their pool with 0, 6 degrees /hour. Installation April 2012.
  • Camping Panta Rhei will use the wood fired pool heater  as primarry heating device. Installation  June 2012



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