What is the difference between a Jacuzzi® and a Størvatt® electric heated?

My first remark is – except for the exterior – no difference. A Jacuzzi® contains hot water, massage jets, light, etc. and all these options are also available at a Størvatt DeLuxe (the electric heated hottub of Størvatt). The difference is without a doubt the exterior. An authentic wooden hot tub with all the features of a SPA like Jacuzzi® that is made of synthetic materials.

Let’s go deeper into this topic!!

Størvatt® is a brand but Jacuzzi® is also a brand.
Both brands are producers of SPA. A SPA (Sanitas Per Aqua) is a hottub that is usually placed outdoors.

But what is the difference between a Jacuzzi® and a Størvatt® SPA and a Jacuzzi®?

There is no difference in the operation and technical installation. Both brands use a system that controls the (automatic) heating of the water, the filtration of the water, the massage jets and when ordered bubble from the bottom. This control system is operated by a display that enables you to set the filtration at the moments you desire, put on and of the jets, light and bubbles. You can extend the control system with a WIFI module for remote control.
There is absolutely no difference in the way you must treat the water. Both the water of a Størvatt® SPA as the water of a Jacuzzi® must be treated when the water is used longer than 24 hours even though the electric system has a filter and UV-C Spalamp.

Where are Størvatt® and Jacuzzi® different?

As already mentioned Størvatt® and Jacuzzi® are brands. Both brand produce a SPA with electric heating. The main difference is the material of the SPA. Jacuzzi® produces synthetic hottubs with a wooden surrounding but Størvatt® produces hottub of wood, a rock-solid product with character. Also the SPA’s of Jacuzzi® are made in series, and Størvatt® hottubs are all hand- and custom made in the factory in Moergestel, Holland. Størvatt hottubs will be assembled on order, so you can add a personal touch to your hottub.
If you want to build a Størvatt hottub into a terrace your hottub will be adjusted in the factory to make sure you can easily get access to the control system and the filter installation.

Why would I choose a Størvatt® SPA instead of a Jacuzzi®?

The Western Red Cedar of a Størvatt® hottub has a natural aroma. You can smell the wood when it is wet and this will make your time in a Størvatt® hottub even more enjoyable. Also the Western Red Cedar will get a wonderful silver grey colour, making your hottub even more one in your garden.
Also the experience in a Størvatt® hottub is quite different than in a Jacuzzi®. In a Størvatt® hottub there is more lift which gives you the feeling that you are floating in the water.
If it is not possible to place your Jacuzzi® without a crane, this can also be a reason to choose a Størvatt® hottub. A Størvatt® hottub can be assembled on location. All parts can easily carriered through the (front)door to your garden or roofterrace and then the assembly starts. No fuss with a crane, licence, blocking the road, trouble with neighbours, etc.


There is no other difference that looks and experience.
A Størvatt® DeLuxe (our wooden hot tub with electric heating) offers the same convenience and possibilities as a Jacuzzi®.
Only there is clearly a difference in appearance; a beautiful wooden tub from Western Red Cedar or a plastic “tub” from Jacuzzi®.
And a difference in experience; the delicious aroma of Western Red Cedar is missing from a Jacuzzi® or a hot tub from another supplier / wood type.

Is there a difference in price between a Størvatt® SPA and a Jacuzzi®?

No. The prices are almost equal. But note that Størvatt® hottubs are hand and custom made in Moergestel, Holland, and no mass production in low-wage countries.


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